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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

14% 'Want Further Integration'

Your move.

It's amazing how many ways the same poll can be cut:

60% want to loosen ties.
20% want to leave.
Only 13% happy with the status quo.
Two times as many people want out than in.

One thing you can't ignore is the figures themselves. Not only has a YouGov-Cambridge poll found that over sixty per cent of people in the UK want a referendum on our membership of the European Union, one of the highest figures ever recorded, but it's also revealed that only 14% of people in the UK want further integration.

This is one of the lowest proportions ever recorded, and shows not only that support for EU integration is slipping, but that any new treaty, any new framework, and any new opt-in will automatically enjoy the support of just over one in ten people - hardly a ringing endorsement. The subtle inclusion of a third option, akin to Scotland's 'devo-max,' dilutes but does not hide the truth: that the overwhelming majority of people are not happy with the way things are, or the way things are going in regards to Europe.

David Cameron, take note before you put your name on the dotted line.

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